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Blackbird - Anna Carey This books.. ughh! I just can't even imagine finishing this.

Guess this book is the worst book I've ever read. This just makes me irritated and bored. The main character is just so boring... She just like running and blabbering things, talking nonsense and and and...(sighs) Though the excerpt was fantastic (no kidding), but the way it was written is just so bad that i might throw the book across the room and get some freakin' sleep instead. Imagine reading a book written in second person point of view with lines "You get the book." then "you throw it.", "you run", "you hide", "you do this and that"... And guess if the book contained excessive freakin' romance, I might even burned this thing and don't remember picking it up.. I regret buying this piece... I should've bought Cinder instead.

Maybe sometime i might pick you up in my shelf and push myself really hard in reading you again. When? By the time I finish my TBR. MKBYE

PS: TBR's don't have endings. [evil grin >:)]